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a novel

When Kristin Smith is just five years old he knows he’s not a girl.  A girl!  It makes him so angry.  His mother makes him wear girls clothes, and reprimands him when he acts like the boys his age.  Mom doesn’t get him.

His brother Max is one-year older and idolizes Kristin, but, he is a girl, as far as Max can tell.  It’s just that Kristin is so good at all the boy-stuff.  Anyway, it doesn’t matter to Max.  He loves her.

But when dad’s had enough of the fighting, Krist’s mom is more than happy to hand her off to him.  Dad lets Krist wear some of Max’s clothes to church.  She five years old, he says to his wife, It’s no big deal.  

When Krist is bench pressing at the gym, all eyes are on him.  He is disciplined, focused, and about to break a personal-best record.

On the lacrosse field, you better keep your eyes on him too, because when you stop looking, he’s the last thing you see before you land on your ass – hard!

And when he’s working, Krist is a respected veteran and leader in his fire hall with an office wall strewn with citations and meritorious awards.  And not just for saving cats.

When someone digs up his past, he’s crestfallen.  

He’d worked so hard, he thought it was all behind him.